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I had a good tool weekend. Somehow, there's something so satisfying… - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
I had a good tool weekend.

Somehow, there's something so satisfying about having the tools you need in places you can find them. I've been accumulating tools for a few years now, and I'm finally getting to the place I want to be. A year ago, I got the ultimate toolbox, so I've got plenty of room for them. Now the drawers are even labeled, so other people can find things.

A full, neat toolbox makes me happy.

What brought this on was a small repair - the front cabin heat knob in the Tripacer was creeping out as you flew. I got under the cowling, and discovered that the arm that attached the control to the door that turned the heat on and off was missing the screw. So in an hour, I realigned everything, found the old nut and bolt inside the cabin heat box, replaced it (yes, I had the correct size and type of screw in my hardware box!), and tested it. It worked perfectly. It was a minor thing, but I felt so satisfied - I had exactly what I needed to fix it. I remember when I first got started with the plane - I was constantly going out to buy hardware because I didn't have what I needed, or trying to use the wrong tool to do a job and getting frustrated.

Did I mention how much a full, neat toolbox makes me happy?

In other random accomplishments, I built a winterization plate for the oil cooler. Most modern airplanes have a temperature-control valve that senses oil temperature, and if it's below about 180F, it bypasses the oil cooler so the oil gets hot enough to boil out any water. The Tripacer doesn't - all the oil always goes through the oil, so in the winter the oil never really heats up. The solution is to cover the oil cooler with a metal plate so the air doesn't flow through the radiator vanes. It wasn't a terribly difficult project, but it turned out great - all the corners came out nice and square, it fit perfectly on the first try, and so on. It was my first metalworking project on the new break. It's amazing what taking a bit of extra time up front to really be sure about measurements and squareness can save you in the end.

In a related note, I believe the square is the most under-rated tool in my hanger.

Oh, I did a bit of bouncing on the DDR last night (and won my auction for the Disney version!), and a bit more this morning.

It was a good weekend.

Besides changing the oil, fixing the cabin heat, and building the winterization plate for the oil cooler, I spent a morning sanding the wings on the club 2-33 glider we're restoring, took a glider lesson, hung out with friends Saturday night, made dinner (eggplant parmesan), and did some laundry. I think my friends are right - I need to learn to relax. That was a light weekend for me!

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