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How I spent my Thanksgiving vacation... - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
How I spent my Thanksgiving vacation...
We went scuba diving in the Keys.

I shot 5 rolls of film The first roll (from a disposable underwater camera) is up at http://pictures.tinastoys.org/Scuba/Disposable/. They're promising me the other 4 rolls will be done tomorrow afternoon. I'll be thrilled if I get 2 or 3 good pictures out of the batch.

Lessons learned:
Besides using way more air then everybody else, and falling over while wearing fins and twisting an ankle, I didn't really have any problems. It only took a few dives to get the hang of neutral buoyancy and hovering (of course, the rental BCD leaked, so I got lots of extra practice tweaking it). Having a guide along on the first few dives was more helpful then I thought it would be. I have a whole list of stuff I wish I'd bought before I left (gloves, slate, knife, and Advil are on the top of the list!). 8 dives in 2 days was one too many, even as shallow as we were. I love my new wetsuit. I have a tendency to get lost, and spent 3/4 of one dive trying to find the reef - in 50+ feet of vis - but when we went back the next day, I had it a lot more together, and found it immediately.

Mostly, I didn't hit any problems that more experience won't solve.

We didn't see much of anything that the experienced guys said was exciting. I got a kick out of playing with the Christmas tree worms, saw a few nurse sharks, one baby ray, and schools and schools of various fish, most of which I couldn't identify (any pictures I get that have recognizable fish are going up on my website, and I'd be thrilled for help figuring out what they are). Michael was most impressed with the sea urchins we saw - "Uni! In it's native habitat!". I mostly just chased anything that looked brightly-colored enough to take a picture of. Oh, the puffer fish were cool. The boat captain said you could sort of wiggle your fingers under their bellies to make them puff, but the ones we saw had spikes, and I wasn't putting bare fingers anywhere near them. :)

And, while this isn't really dive-related, I flew the Twin Comanche out of Marathon Key, and used "well, we should stay low, just in case decompression turns out to be a problem" as an excuse to run from Marathon Key to Sarasota, FL over the water at 500 ft and nearly 200mph. It was much, much fun. Unfortunately, my camera wasn't accessible, and I sort of had my hands full with the plane anyway, so no picts of that...

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