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Spinning... - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
I've always been adamantly anti-diet. Something like 95% of the people who lose weight gain it back, and more, in the first year. There's evidence now that a lot of the heart problems that have always been associated with obesity are actually caused by a lifetime of yo-yo dieting.

I've never dieted seriously. Oh, I've lost 10lbs here and there over the years, but never got serious about it. I never did weird fad diets, and never drank shakes for 2 meals a day. I've just never seen the point - why go through that, if I'm just going to gain it all back anyway?

Most of my friends know that I've been pretty seriously depressed for the last few months. By last week, I was so bad that the slightest thing had me in tears. I've always been self-conscious about trying on clothes, and getting fitted for a scuba weight belt Saturday afternoon left me crying so hard all the way home that I could barely drive.

Luckily, scuba seems to be one place where losing 10lbs really does help (I'm really, really buoyant), and I figured I'd try another round. I spent the next day eating salads, staying away from chips and cookies and such, and just generally eating better.

It took 24 hours, but already I'm far more cheerful, I managed to interact with my boss without being snappy, I woke up before the alarm this morning and actually got out of bed instead of dozing until the last minute - in general, I'm significantly less depressed then I was a week ago.

I realized why this was on the way in to work this morning: Dieting has nothing, really, to do with losing weight. It's about control - what you eat is something that's totally in your control, and doing something about it makes you feel less powerless. And for me, being depressed is almost always about feeling out of control of my life, and anything that makes me feel more in control makes me feel better. Will it work for longer then a week? We'll see, but it certainly can't hurt.

Somebody remind me of this the next time I'm unhappy.

(Scuba details coming in a later post)

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