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It's fixed! - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
It's fixed!
The random access violation problem that's been haunting me for the last 2 weeks is finally dead.

Turned out to be a problem with incompatible versions of the C runtime libraries.

Gawd, it feels good.

Current Mood: optimistic optimistic

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From: ex_inviolet697 Date: September 16th, 2004 04:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
And there was great rejoicing. (yay, ay!)
alioth1 From: alioth1 Date: September 17th, 2004 04:10 pm (UTC) (Link)

Frustrating too

And it's also frustrating - wasting weeks on chasing some annoying bug to find it was a bad CFLAGS option in a Makefile or LD_LIBRARY_PATH was set to pick up an obsolete, incompatible library up, or someone missed off #pragma pack(2) and wondered why the stuff in their struct was giving weird results.
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