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Yet another airplane post. - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
Yet another airplane post.
I got the fabric shrunk onto the 2-33 this weekend. It was quite a challenge - the envelope didn't fit right, and had to be coaxed and massaged and glued and unglued...but it's on, it's tight, and I'll be able to hide all the seams under tapes. I feel really, really good about this. I'll never buy another envelope again, though - I haven't gotten one for a fuselage yet that fit right, and it takes more time to fix all the places it's too loose or too tight then it would to just lay out the fabric myself.

Saturday, I got up and flew out to the soaring day. It was a beautiful day, blue skies, not a cloud around. By the time I got to the club, there was a solid overcast at 4000ft. So I called the weather briefer, and he said it was going to rain at noon, and once it started, it was going to get worse for the rest of the day, possibly until Sunday. I hate leaving my plane out in the rain. So I did a few tows, then when it started really raining at 11:45, I washed the tow plane, put it away, and then hopped in my plane and rushed home, with this line of storms closing in. I fought rain and clouds and low visibility all the way home, quickly pushed the plane in, and drove back out to the club (it's about 25 miles) to work on the 2-33. Two hours later, it was back to blue skies. I felt like such an idiot.

ECI still hasn't refunded my money for the two cylinders they sent me that I didn't order. I Am Not Amused. $2200, and when I called today, they said they haven't even logged them as received yet - and the tracking number says they've been there since 03/06!

Next weekend, Michael and I are going away for the weekend, then one more weekend of 2-33 work (the tapes go on next), then I start work on the annual inspection of the Tripacer. Besides the two new cylinders, the engine mounts, and the new oil cooler lines/fittings, it should go pretty fast. I'm guessing a month and it'll be done. Maybe 6 weeks. I've found a mechanic who is going to sit there and talk me through the cylinder replacement, so that'll save me a lot of money over paying him to do it. Plus, I'll learn something new, and that's always fun. :)

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