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IFR checkride... - Tina Marie's Ramblings
IFR checkride...
I know, I've been promising to post this for weeks.

The oral was easy. The examiner (Gary Gandy) didn't have much to add to my flight planning. Mostly, we just sat around and chatted about flying. I had a pretty good grasp of everything he asked me - except for the 3 parts of an ILS (my spell checker wants to turn ILS into "eels"). I knew the localizer and the glideslope, of course, but I totally forgot about the approach lighting being required.

Other then that, it went well.

Weather was awful - there were thunderstorms everywhere - so we waited a few hours before we flew. Once the weather moved north of College Station, we headed out.

I filed IFR, and headed off to my first approach - the ILS 34 into CLL. There's not much to say about this - I got vectors to final, centered everything up, and kept it there. I went missed at mins, and headed to DERRS to hold. ATC had other ideas, and vectored me out to the east as soon as I came back up on Center.

Then I asked for the LOC/BC 16 back into CLL. Center vectored me, but it was a tight intercept, and I was a little slow to get centered. They told me I was 5 miles outside of BRYIN, but as soon as I dialed CLL up (I only have one VOR, so I have to switch back and forth between the LOC and the VOR), I was showing myself on the 022 radial. I said something to Gary about still being outside of BRYIN, and he didn't say anything. I switched back to the LOC, re-centered everything, and switched back again - by now I was on the 077 radial. I glanced at the DME on the GPS, and it said I was 1.9 from the airport - way, way past BRYIN. I went missed.

That should have earned me a failure on the checkride. I never ever started the descent, and it wasn't until I got home that I realized I'd been past BRYIN even the first time I checked. It was a bad intercept, though, and with 25 knots of tailwind they should never have turned me in that tight.

Gary didn't say anything much, and we canceled IFR on the miss, and headed back to Navasota. We did the air work on the way home (unusual attitudes and steep turns). Since we didn't do the hold at DERRS, he had me hold on the 322 radial off the TNV VOR. It was an easy direct entry, and the hold went well. I did one spin, then headed outbound on the VOR into 60R. He failed my AI/DG, but I'm good at partial panel (I learnt to fly instruments with only needle/ball/airspeed), and he let me keep my (VFR panel-mount) GPS, which made it trivial, since I could cross-check my track with the GPS. I really nailed this approach too.

He had me raise the hood at 1000MSL, and I could have landed straight-in to 34, but I wasn't sure the winds hadn't shifted, so I took one spin around the pattern to check the windsock, and ended up coming in on 34 anyway.

When we got shut down, he said that because of the circumstances, he was going to let me slide on the LOC/BC, and he gave me my new temporary. I needed to get home before dark, because the thunderstorms had dumped a lot of water, and it was starting to fog, so I didn't hang out.

So I left. I got back to Weiser, where everyone was waiting for me, and I just couldn't deal with them. I really felt like I didn't deserve to pass, and it seemed wrong to let people congratulate me for something I didn't feel I earned.

It's been over a week now, and I'm still not sure I really earned it. I know, if he didn't think I was safe he wouldn't have passed me...but, wow, that was a really bad checkride.

So that's why it's taken me a week to post this.

Current Mood: disappointed disappointed

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From: ex_inviolet697 Date: August 31st, 2004 07:38 am (UTC) (Link)
Everybody knows you're amply qualified for IFR. One 'off' day does not unmake a good pilot... and your DE could surely see that.
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