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Just another manic Sunday... - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
Just another manic Sunday...
I've not been posting much because I haven't been doing much of anything interesting.

It's annual inspection time on the Tripacer again, and this year I'm doing something a bit different. Instead of taking the plane down at the very last minute and leaving it down for months, I'm starting the annual early but keeping the plane flying. For example, yesterday Michael and I took the tail apart, lubed and inspected everything, and put it back together. Then we did the same thing with the wings. Monday night, I'm going to clean and repack the wheel bearings and do a bit of fabric repair...I'll be able to fly it Saturday, then I can pull the cowlings and do the engine compartment.

I think it'll be a lot less painful this way, and my IA approves.

I found out a few weeks ago that the hangar was wired directly to the main - no breaker anywhere. I bought a switch, a breaker box, and a bunch of misc boxes/conduit/new outlets, and started rewiring. I got a friend to hook up the switch for me hot, then I went into the new breaker box, split out the compressor and the fridge on one breaker, then split off the outlets off a separate breaker. It's not ideal, but it's a lot better then what I had before. If nothing else, I've got all the joins inside boxes and protected, instead of the wire-nutted-and-wrapped-in-electrical-tape mess I had to start with.

Friday night, Michael made dinner while I took apart his old futon and put together the new one. It's pretty nice, and the old one now lives in the office in his hanger, so we have a place to crash after Vodka Nights. It's pretty uncomfortable, but I figure if I'm too drunk to drive home, I'm probably too drunk to notice the lumps.

Yesterday afternoon while it was too hot to work in the hanger, we went to see "I, Robot". I liked it, even if it didn't bear much resemblance to the book.

Last night, we sat down with the Airframe Written study guide. It's the easiest of the FAA tests I've seen - it's all very logical, and it's about How Things Are, not What Rules Say. I'm pondering getting my rating some time in the future.

And now I'm at work, tracking a bug....It's been a productive weekend.
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