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Random things, and Meme of the week. - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
Random things, and Meme of the week.
What a week. Lots of bug-fixing at work, finished off by forgetting to check in some files last night and breaking the build this morning, which did not make the boss happy.

Next week, Michael and I are taking a week and going on vacation - we're going to hit First Flight, visit his parents in Jersey for a few days, go see the new museum at Dulles, then go to southern IL for the weekend to hang out with the rec.aviation gang.

Should be fun, but I think I'm going to need a vacation to recover when I get back.

You have a twisted soul! Twisted Souls are never
bad, and actually, are a rarity amongst souls.
These souls are a little combination of
everything, with always a little of their own
chaos to add. Twisted Souls are kind, loving,
weird, zany, temperamental, and very talented.
They have their own firm opinion, and can at
one time be very outspoken and passionate, and
the other time shy and feeling insignificant.
Twisted Souls have good senses of Humor and
other times can be a bore. You can act quite
intelligent at one time, and grasp concepts
easily, while other times they can find it
difficult to understand. Twisted Souls are
always very fun and Kind, and can be party
animals. But, if you love someone, you're
serious about it, intense, and forever loyal.
Congratulations-the world should have more like

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