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Wow. - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
I feel better today then I have in weeks.

Got my new DDR pad yesterday, so I had to go home and try it out. Even though I kept missing steps because of coughing fits, I ended up playing for about 45 mins last night - and at the end, I actually felt better! So I got up this morning for another half hour, and sure enough, today, I feel pretty darn good. I'm still coughing a bit, but I'm much less congested, my throat's not sore - and I'm not generally exhausted.

So much for "take it easy". If I'd have known this, I'd have probably felt better a week ago.

Oh well.

Current Mood: chipper chipper
Current Music: Depeche Mode - Master and Servant

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