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First one... - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
First one...
msginnyo -- When did you first want to be a pilot? - I wasn't one of those kids who always looked up at the sky and dreamed of flying. I came into it in a very round-about way:

When I was in college, I met this guy online. Turned out he ran Bridge Day, a BASE-jumping event in W. Virginia. One year he asked me to come help with registration, so I went. And I spend the whole day standing on the edge of the bridge watching these idiots throw themselves off it...and at the end of the day, I announced to my friends that I'd be back the next year to jump.

I started skydiving the following Feburary, and jumped off the bridge for the first time the next October. While I don't do BASE anymore, the 4 jumps I have off the bridge are some of my favorite memories.

Anyway, I got really hard-core into skydiving. 8.5 years ago I met my current SO at a skydiving event in IL. He was a low-time private pilot, and took me flying a few times. I thought it was kinda cool, but that was about it.

One day on the way to the drop zone, the local airport had a big sign out front - $25 for a first lesson. So I tried it, then I took a few more lessons, and the next thing I knew, I had a license and and airplane.

So it wasn't ever something I wanted to do...it more just kind of happened. Now I spend all my time and money flying, and skydiving has kind of gone by the wayside...

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