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Writer's Block: Stardust memories - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
Writer's Block: Stardust memories
What is the your most cherished holiday memory from childhood, and why?

The tree. My parents had a tradition - none of us kids got to see the tree decorated and lit before Christmas morning.

We didn't always have a real tree, but when we did, we went to get it the week or so before Christmas, then it sat in the garage in a bucket of water until Christmas Eve or so, when we brought it in and put it in the stand. We had this epic cement stand that you put the trunk in, then pounded in 3 wooden wedges to hold the tree steady.

It didn't work very well, and I remember the tree falling over at least a few times.

Anyway, once we were in bed, my parents decorated the tree, put out all the presents, and hung the stockings. And we got up Christmas morning to see it all for the first time.


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