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I really do try to not post a whole lot of political things here - I… - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
I really do try to not post a whole lot of political things here - I have a lot of people on various friend lists who have a variety of political views, and I try to keep from offending most of them most of the time.

But this is more philosophical then political, I'd say:
Of course they are screaming 'socialism'. They've been doing that since the 50s at least. They're not talking about economic redistribution of wealth - they never have been. They've been talking about redistribution of privilege this whole time. They called MLK a communist because he wanted blacks to have the same rights as whites, and to them that was a redistribution of the privilege that whites had 'earned'.
The whole thing is brief, and worth reading here.

In other randomness, the hanger is empty, and I turned in the keys on Saturday. I still need to finish organizing all the stuff I dumped in the garage, but it was just too hot. Next weekend should be better.

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capybyra From: capybyra Date: September 28th, 2009 08:15 pm (UTC) (Link)

When politics and economics intersect religion and Ideologies transcending politics?

Depends on if a government is a theocratic or democratic secular based one. With anomalies such as democratic,yet theologically based nations. Naming some of them as such honestly? Well,at parties or in a bar etc, that can lead to much amusing train wreckage. As folks battle to attack or defend views and realities they might not comprehend at all. Yep, it's the reason such things are NSFW. Almost as bad to argue Starship Vs MU-2 eh? I still think destroying those planes was blasphemy driven by litigation fever.
sgillbee From: sgillbee Date: September 30th, 2009 07:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think I'm going to have to politely disagree with this sentiment. Big surprise ;)

Full disclosure (for those who don't know me): I'm white, male, middle class and a committed Christian.

I agree that it seems that some on right scream "communism" or "socialism" at the drop of a hat. It's also true that some on the left scream "racist" and "bigot" as a way to silence opposition.

I hate both kinds of thoughtless tar-and-feathering. What you'll notice from both attitudes is that neither is a response to the issue being covered. Rather, both responses are attacks directed at the messenger and the messenger's motivation. What ever happened to thoughtful discussion about the facts and the issues?

People can and should have different philosophical positions and should be able to discuss them rationally. Because I happen to disagree with some of the policies and philosophies of the current president - who happens to be a black man - why should I automatically be labeled a racist? The assumption by some on the left that because I'm white I must be a racist is itself a vile and bigoted attitude. Whatever happened to "judge a man based on the content of his character, not on the color of his skin"? I learned this lesson... why can't others?

And for the record, I don't think the current administration's policies are literally socialist or communist. For that to happen, the government would need to literally own the means of economic production. They don't (except perhaps for GM, but hopefully that's short-term). Rather, the current administration's policies seem to desire to maximize government control over existing social and economic frameworks. That's more of a fascist system than anything else (and no, I'm not calling the current administration a bunch of Nazis... that is just one extreme example of fascism).

I think I'll leave discussion about fascism, "redistribution of privilege" vs "availability of opportunity", and personal responsibility to another time. I've got work to do :)
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