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You call that lunch? - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
You call that lunch?

Originally uploaded by SkyWhisperer
We have a cafeteria downstairs in the building I work. It's got 4 major sections: A grill for hamburgers and such, a cold sandwich counter, a salad bar (you choose the toppings and they put it together for you), and a steam table.

The salads are really great - they have good, fresh ingredients. The burgers are okay. The sandwiches would be good if they used good bread, but it always tastes stale to me. The steam table is usually pretty scary. 95% of the time I get a salad.

Today I went down to get something, but wasn't in a salad mood. The meatloaf was actually okay, and the rice was okay. The beans - well, did you know that it's possible to cook butter beans to the point where they can't hold their shape? I learned today that you can!

As usual, the iPhone underexposed the picture by half a stop or so, but in this case I think I like the effect.
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