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On vacation... - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
On vacation...
Well, I made it over the mountains.

So far, my route has been: EYQ (Home) - Burnett (BMQ, I think) - FST (Fort Stockton) - T27 (little airport outside of El Paso), then this morning I flew to E60, home of Skydive Arizona, the world's largest drop zone.

Unfortunately, the 25-knot tailwind that got me here so quickly is still here, and it's too windy to jump. But other then the wind, the weather's great, so I'll hang out here for the day, and try to make a jump tomorrow.

Weather was pretty awful yesterday, but I got up early today and got out of El Paso, and it's been gorgeous ever since. I've got tons of pictures already, but I didn't think I'd have net access here, so I didn't bring the USB cable for my digital camera.

Yesterday, I was pretty worn out - El Paso is at 4000ft, and I don't adjust to altitude very well. But Eloy is only 1500, and once I got some oxygen in me, it wasn't bad. Flying has been okay, because I borrowed an oxygen system from somebody on the airport, and anytime I've been over about 8K I've been using it, and it's really helped.

Eloy is pretty cool - it's a whole drop zone laid out like one of those old-west cities, complete with restaurant, gear/t-shirt store, coffee bar, internet cafe, pool, bunkhouse, laundermat....I could stay here all week!

I'll post all the details (and pictures) when I get home.

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