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Games... - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
I'm a big fan of little java-based games. I own dozens of them, and they're one of my favorite ways to kill half an hour.

A year or so ago, I joined RealArcade (which includes one free game a month). Every month, I'm disappointed. They release 2 or 3 games a week, mostly written by other companies and just branded by Real. Most of them are just variations on new existing games with new graphics - there are a half-dozen Bejeweled clones, a few Big Money clones, lots of assemble-food-to-feed-customers games, and so on. In a year, Fizzball is the only really new game I've seen, and even that is just a fancy variation on Breakout.

Last month, the game I downloaded couldn't even be played - after a dozen levels or so, it got "stuck" and you couldn't proceed past that point, even if you uninstalled and reinstalled it. The message boards are full of people complaining about it. But after a month, not only is there still not a fix, but they're still selling the broken version!

I'm so fed up with Real that I canceled my account.

So there was much anticipation when I got a newsletter from PopCap last week telling me they had a new game out - Peggle. I downloaded it the other day. It reminds me a bit of Plinko, an old "Price Is Right" minigame. You have a ball that drops from the top and bounces off pegs. Hitting a peg removes it. The goal is to remove all the marked pegs.

I bought it before my trial was up. I suspect it's going to be one of my favorite little games.

And I can't help but contrast that with my experience with Real. Yes, Real games are cheap ($7.95 each if you get a monthly subscription, less if you sign up for year). But I play them for a month at the very most, then I'm sick of them, and I never go back to them. I'd much rather pay $19.95 for a really cool, well-written, unique game from Popcap. Some of my Popcap games I'm still playing years after I first downloaded them.

Now, what we need is a dozen more companies producing games like that.

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pilotgoddess From: pilotgoddess Date: March 14th, 2007 06:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
I loooove popcap
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