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From last week - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
From last week
From the altfriday5:

1. How dirty is your dwelling right now? How messy is it?

Not particularly dirty. A bit messy in places.

When I moved, I wanted to keep the townhouse both cleaner and neater then the apartment. I soon realized this meant that I needed to come up with a definition of 'clean enough'. It took a while, but here is my definition: I wanted to keep it clean and neat enough that I could invite people over on the spur of the moment and not have to rush home and clean before they came over.

It's actually worked pretty well. The downstairs stays neater then the upstairs, but rarely is either floor embarrassingly messy for any extended period of time.

Getting rid of huge amounts of 'stuff' has helped a lot. I suspect that in the last year I've gotten rid of probably 50% of the stuff I owned a year ago.

2. Which part of your dwelling does it drive you crazy to have dirty or messy? Why?

The kitchen. I hate not having counter space. And the bathtub needs to be clean, for reasons I can't explain.

3. Which part of your dwelling does it not drive you crazy to have dirty or messy? Why?

I happily leave clothes on the floor in the bedroom for weeks, and a separate pile of clean clothes somewhere that isn't on the floor. Move that same pile into the office, and it would drive me insane. I suspect that's because it's acceptable to just close the bedroom door when you have company, and honestly, if someone's being invited into the bedroom, they're unlikely to be paying attention to the dirty clothes on the floor.

4. Have you ever gotten into conflicts with dwelling-mates over cleanliness? Which side were you on (i.e., "clean freak" or "slob"?) How was it resolved (if at all)?

I've been on both sides, and never managed to resolve it to my satisfaction either way.

5. What inspires you to clean? What makes it harder? Why?

I clean for two different reasons: I clean because something has exceeded my 'acceptable messiness' level, or because I feel like cleaning. The former isn't related to any mood - it just happens. I will usually draft anyone in the vicinity to help me clean it up. Cleaning because I feel like cleaning is different - I always want to do it alone, because I'm never in a good mood if I feel like cleaning. I'm either upset, or want to be left alone, or feeling a need to be in control (usually because something else in my life is making me feel out of control), and none of those are mood that make me social.

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