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Today's rambling is from this entry at Kill Ten Rats. I'm not… - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
Today's rambling is from this entry at Kill Ten Rats. I'm not generally a big fan of the blog (although I love the name!), but that's an interesting article.

In the context of a game, there's not anything there that people who play support classes don't already know. The reference to bikini waxing got me thinking about it in terms of real life relationships, though. Does every relationship need a damage dealer and a healer? Two damage dealers probably won't work - the bathroom would never get cleaned, there'd never be milk in the fridge, and so on. Two healers is a more difficult case - would anything ever get accomplished besides nurturing? Would that be a bad thing?

I suppose it depends on what you want out of a relationship. If Going Out And Accomplishing stuff is important to you, you have to have one person who encourages that, but somebody still has to make sure the bills get paid and the trash gets put out. In that case, you need one Accomplisher and one support class.

There are people who are good at being that support class. And there are some Accomplishers who need more support then others. But I think the blog guy had a point - being a pure support class is boring. It's okay when you have someone to support, but without them, what's the point? And what happens when you're the supporter, and you're running low on hit points?

I suspect the perfect combination is two semi-support classes. To use WoW examples, a pair of Druids or a pair of Shamans (Shamen?).

To pull another game into it, everyone who has spent any significant time playing Sims knows that what you really need is more then two adults per household. Two people going out and working can easily support a stay-at-home partner. That's another interesting arrangement that would probably be stable - 2 Accomplishers and one pure support class.

The unanswered questions: Do most people really know themselves well enough to be able to find their slot in this scheme? Once you've found a slot, is it fixed, or do people change enough to need different slots at different times? Do I play way too many computer games?

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