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Server Install to-do list. - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
Server Install to-do list.
I expect most of these will be installed (I'm waiting on an upgrade from RHEL 3 to 4), and I expect I'm missing a lot, but I plan to just keep editing this entry until switch over.

sendmail (installed)
pine (installed)
apache (installed)
php 5 (installed)
mySql 5 (installed)
imageMagick (installed)
logwatch (installed)
yum (installed )
webalizer - maybe there's a better analyzer out there?
cyrus sasl (installed)
cyrus IMAP (installed)
iptables (installed)
lynx (installed)
INN (installed)
bind (installed)
spamassassin (installed)
mimedefang (installed)
clamAV (installed)
gnuplot (installed)
Razor2 (installed)

(backdated to keep this off friends pages)

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