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Finally! - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
Well, it was a very long and very hot weekend - but I got the engine running this afternoon!

My mechanic came by on Friday, and pronounced my tappet just fine. There's apparently a little ball that holds the oil in, and my mechanic said it was just stuck, and a few minutes running would get some hot oil in there and fix it. I was a bit skeptical, but...

I got the rest of the intake, primer system, exhaust, and so on, hung. Then we tackled the propeller and cowlings. The cowlings haven't ever fit right, as long as we've had the plane. Even with lots of practice, it still took half an hour for two people. Well, now that I replaced the engine mounts, the engine hangs a good 3/4 inch higher - and the cowlings fit perfectly. But the engine baffling isn't quite lined up now (because it was rebuilt to fit the badly-fit cowlings), so next weekend's task is to clean that up a bit, or I'm going to have cooling problems.

Anyway, I got it started this afternoon, and sure enough, the tappet freed itself almost instantly. I ran it at just-above-idle for about 15 minutes, but it's air cooled, so it can't be run on the ground too long without getting hot. But it sounds great....the compression is a bit low on the two new jugs, but it'll most likely come up after a few hours, when the rings seat. No oil leaks that I could see.

One more weekend of minor tweaks, one more inspection by my mechanic, and I'm flying again!

In other news, Saturday I snuck out to the soaring club and got my last five solo flights in. My landings are getting a bit more predictable, and I got complimented on my takeoffs. I'm finally relaxing more on tow, too. 3 more flights with an instructor, and I should be ready for my check ride. You know, maybe this summer isn't going to be a total loss after all...

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From: shyrahshiraz Date: July 7th, 2003 04:35 pm (UTC) (Link)


A compression test is what follows most rebuilds but if you
really want to know if the cylinder is any good, run a leak
down test. Air cooled engines expand a great deal as they get
hot and if your baffles are not right, one side the engine
could be running twice the compression as the other side.
Next weekend when you finish everything else and you are
going to idle it for a while, check the jug temps all around
to see how it has warmed up. I would think a 15 degree difference
might be dangerous. I had a boxer that had a lot more compression
of one side than the other and it broke a crank.
You said that you replaced the motor mounts. Did you experience
a rough running engine causing you to replace the mounts. Thats
what if feels like to me.
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