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AngelFlight #6. - Tina Marie's Ramblings
Red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme...
AngelFlight #6.
This wasn't one of my more organized missions.

Before we left for the observatory, Michael had mentioned that he had an AngelFlight on Monday at 6, and he wanted the plane fueled in a specific way, and would I please make sure I was home in time?

Before I left Durant, I had a voice mail from him, telling me not to worry, just to fill the tanks.

When I got to Houston at 4:30, I had another voice mail from him - call him before I put gas in it.

So I did. He was home, sick, and the patient would be at the airport at 5, and if I really needed him to he could ride in the right seat, but he was too sick to fly. Would I take the patient home?

Well, I didn't see that there was much choice, so as tired as I was, I told Micheal to bring me the mission paperwork, then go home and to bed. I unloaded all the stuff from the weekend out of the plane, sent Mike home, fueled the airplane, tracked down a flight instructor to play copilot, got a quick weather briefing, tossed some water bottles in the back, and we were ready to head off to Wichita Falls, TX by the time the patient showed up. I'd just come from almost that same direction, and the weather was clear, and I knew what the winds were doing, so it was a pretty easy flight. I let the flight instructor fly most of it. He needed a good bit of help, and it's hard to give dual with a patient in the back, especially when I was tired. But I tried.

We got there in 2.2 hours, and I dropped off my patient. Since I'd been too busy to be very friendly in the plane, I made it a point to sit down and chat with her for 15 minutes or so, while she waited for her ride. The FBO had offered me the courtesy car, so my copilot and I did a quick McDonald's run, then headed back out. By then, it was nearly 9, and it was dark.

I hadn't thought about it when we left, so I wasn't really set up to fly at night. Most notably, I had no flashlight. We managed to preflight by the light of the full moon, and the plane does have a map light - I was just hoping the electrical system didn't decide to bite the dust, since lowering the gear manually in the dark would not have been fun. I have a flashlight on my Tripacer keyring, Michael has one on the twin keyring, but I had grabbed the spare set of twin keys out of the car without thinking about it. I'll have to get one of those LED ones to store permanently in the plane.

But we made it home with no issues, except that I still tend to come in too high to Weiser at night. I've got the airspeed problem figured out, but I'm still not getting the glideslope right in the dark. I'm fine if I have a VASI or a glideslope, and on a longer runway it doesn't matter, but at Weiser it gets iffy at night if I come in too high. I need to spend an hour doing landings to try to get it right.

It wasn't bad. Just not as good as I like.

4.5 hours of twin time, on top of the 3.8 to the observatory. This puts me over 100 hours total this year. Not bad for June.

I called Dallas this morning to get the mission changed into my name, since I couldn't file my report without it being in my name. I got this back:
Thanks again for helping out yesterday and filing your report so quickly. I told Mike you were a keeper.

Beth Stone
Director of Mission Coordination
I was amused.

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